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Forget these midnight calls from tenants, constant maintenance, and unpaid rent – make the most of your time ! You will at last have a truly ‘Passive Income’ !      

Relocation and Company Let Specialist

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We offer professional stress-free relocation and property finding service for businesses and organisations who need to accommodate their staff and personnel in London.                  

Why Use My Prime Lets?


We provide a win-win solution to landlords, letting agents and tenants making everyone happy. We are trustworthy, down to earth and friendly and we would love to hear from you! Read more…


It is so difficult to find a cosy and reasonably priced room in London. But thanks to my employer who connected me with My Prime Lets they made finding a place simple and easy, what it should be! Friendly staff, nice rooms and an all-inclusive service – I would definitely recommend them to my friends.
M.M. East London (Tenant)
As a Letting agent our main focus is meeting the needs of our clients- the landlords. We have been working with My Prime Lets for some time now because they are efficient and reliable and they cater for the professional market only by partnering with local companies. Careful professional vetting and absolute payment security for the long term are their top priorities.
M C Lettings (Letting Agency)
As I landlord I found My Prime Lets very professional and passionate about managing my property. I don’t need to worry about voids, bills or tenant issues anymore which is really great. I can now spend more quality time with my family and focus on growing my own business. I would highly recommend My Prime Lets to anyone wanting their properties to be managed smoothly and efficiently and on top of this – without paying any fees!
A.K., London (Landlord)